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How To Build A Multi Currency Online Store On Wix Using Wix Stores

Building a custom multi currency store is enormous task and its not easy to explain how to develop a full fledged store but I can help you understand the basic skeleton of a multi currency store on Wix You can use your existing Wix Stores Products database as the inventory for your custom built store but note that you will not be able to process orders on your Wix Stores Orders Backend. In the below video I have explained:

  • How to create a Forex database to store currency exchange rates
  • How to wire a repeater to display your products
  • How to create a custom cart database to allow users to add items to their cart
  • How to create a custom checkout process using Wix Pay to process orders
Multi Currency Store Tutorial Part 1 By Dude Lemon

Please note that this is a very advanced task and the store we make in this tutorial is not ready for launch as there are many functionalities missing. You will need to go the extra mile and finish developing the entire store yourself using resources found on the internet (Velo Forum, StackOverflow, YouTube Videos)

Page Code

Multi Currency Store – Page Code

Checkout Page Code

Checkout Page Code – Not Taught In Tutorial

Backend Wix Pay API Code

Backend Code For Wix Pay API

Have fun exploring!

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